Children’s Beginners Course – Swordfry

Is your child interested in learning to fence? Our Swordfry program is designed just for them!

Swordfry is a beginners course for children from the ages of 6 – 12 years and covers the basics of fencing. Fencing is an energetic and technical combat sport, where in a duel, points are scored when the weapon makes contact with the opponent. There are three disciplines of fencing and Swordfry specialises in Epee. This course provides the young novice or beginner fencer with skills to advance in the sport either in social fencing or competition.

Students are guided in a safe environment by four coaches under the direction of Master Mirek Zabiello, an international coach and founder of Swordfish Fencing Club. All coaches are decorated fencers and on the State, National or International Circuit.

The beginners course incorporates games, footwork, and specialised exercises, to strengthen balance, coordination, spatial awareness and confidence, all to ensure they have a great time and build on these life skills. Students will progress to handle an Epee on a basic level with technical development in parry, disengagement, riposte, lunge and footwork.

The program is open Saturdays 12pm to 1pm at Victoria Park Leisurelife Centre, Drama Room, 34 Kent Street, East Victoria Park. Safety is important to us and all appropriate fencing and protective equipment is provided. It is recommended that your child wears long pants and gym shoes.

We suggest that children join the program from the first week to get the most out of the course. Two free have-a-go sessions are available to you. To see when the next course starts please click Calendar and for the cost please click on Membership Fees.

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