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How To Purchase Equipment

The club has fencing equipment to use for our beginners. We recommend fencers of other levels purchase their own equipment and uniforms. Experienced club members are available to help you decide what you should get and where to purchase from. Generally speaking most fencers will want a set of the following:


  • A glove
  • A basic 350NW uniform (jacket, pants and under-plastron)
  • A mask
  • 2 weapons (fully assembled epees)
  • 2 body wires
  • A fencing bag 

The above equipment is suitable for club and state fencing. For those that wish to take part in National or International fencing events, please talk to our committee members about the requirement for FIE level fencing equipment.

There are a number of popular websites to use for comparing prices of beginners equipment, such as:

wsfencing Website only. For catalogue and price list email wsfencing@gmail.com 

mybluegauntlet Swordfish Club Members can receive a 20% discount from this MyBlueGauntlet site, just ask a committee member for the discount code.