Club Officials


President – BEN TUCK

Vice-President – ADRIAN PAXMAN

Secretary – HENRY HUNG

Treasurer – ISOBEL ELLIS


Other Committee Positions 2022

Registrar – Isobel Ellis

Communications (Website) – Isobel Ellis

Communications (Emails and FaceBook) – Henry Hung & Kelby Lakelin

Competition Coordinator – Axel Vekemans

Curtin Liaison Officer – Csanad Horvath

Grants – Corina Ionescu

Armourer – Neil Simmonds

Member Protection Officer (Female) – Isobel Ellis

Member Protection Officer (Male) – Neil Simmonds

Curtin Beginners Coach – Axel Vekemans

Head Coach – Mirek Zabiello

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Coaches at Swordfish are well regarded and experienced in training fencers of all ages and abilities, from novices to international competitors.


Mirek is a highly experienced coach from Poland, specialising in adult Epee. He has coached high-ranked fencers (in Epee and Foil) from all over the world, including Australia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.  Mirek is the founder of Swordfish Fencing Club. Mirek will run the club coaching at Belmont.


At the Curtin University venue, Axel will introduce you to the sport of fencing in the Beginners Course. Including warm-up and footwork he will quickly bring you up to a level to fence successfully.

Axel is a highly experienced fencer and competes regularly at national and international events.


Bobby is an experienced epeeist and coaches a number of Australian fencers. Bobby presently competes at national events.